Do you see yourself as

Do you see yourself as

Find your inner calling @ DeltaX

Find your inner calling @ DeltaX

DeltaX Promise

What Makes us Awesome!

Code is Poetry

You are judged by the code you write πŸ™‚


You are not limited by a job description

Culture is Recursive

People join us for the work & stay for the culture!


Make mistakes; Get shit done; Have Fun!

Product-based Startup

Build products, build strong foundation for your career by working across industry leading products

Training Bootcamp

Intensive 4-month bootcamp with mentorship which transforms you into a full-stack developer

Life @ DeltaX

Work alongside like-minded engineers who are equally passionate about life


Thoughts from DeltaX Force

Working alongside highly skilled engineers in a tech driven environment on challenging projects is the kind of drive that a fresher needs to grow as an engineer, and that is exactly what DeltaX provides. Not to mention all the fun!

Shriganesh PG
Shriganesh PG
RNSIT, Bangalore (2018 Passout)

Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.

Ankit Ojha
Ankit Ojha
Batch 2016

Your first job makes all the difference! I'm happy to have started at DeltaX where I was able learn best engineering practices and work with cutting-edge technologies with guidance from like-minded seniors.

Batch 2018

When you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.

Vamsi Sai
Vamsi Sai
CMRIT, Batch 2017

I have the freedom to write the code in my way and use the latest utilities/frameworks that I love. Apart from this, I got a full exposure of frontend, backend, database and deploying my code on virtual machines. This is what I absolutely love about DeltaX.

Gautam Gadipudi
Gautam Gadipudi
MIT, Manipal (2018 Passout)

There’s a lot about the culture at DeltaX. A wide array of problems to solve, new challenges everyday, the best selection of technology and tools, and a kick-*ss team to be a part of!

Amrith Yerramilli
Amrith Yerramilli
RNSIT, Bangalore (2013 Passout)

Campus Hiring Tips

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What is our process for campus hiring?
Round 1: Online Technical MCQ Test
Round 2: Online Coding Assessment. Students can attempt it in a programming language of their choice. Only serious coders will qualify.
Round 3: Technical Interview in person or remote.
What is the structure for Online Technical MCQ Test?
This assessment will be an MCQ (Multiple-Choice Question) challenge that will cover fundamentals for Programming, Data Structures, Networking and Micro-processors. This forms the base for any software developer.
Expected No. of Questions: 50 Multiple Choice Questions.
Assessment Duration: 45 Minutes.
Difficulty level: Questions levels vary from easy to moderate.
What is the structure for Online Coding Assessment?
This assessment will test your logical thinking and algorithmic skills. The test consists of 5 sections, each containing one question. We internally have a high bar for the coding round as it is the only hands-on evaluation we conduct before interviews. During the evaluation we also consider your code flow and approach. We review all submissions scoring above 55 using a combination of manual and automatic checks.
Expected No. of Sections: 5 (each containing one question)
Assessment Duration: 120 Minutes.
Difficulty level: You can expect one or two problems in each level (Easy, Moderate, and Difficult).
πŸ’‘ Pro Tip: It is better to make a submission which is original and score around 60 than it is to use a plagiarized solution. (from a friend or from other online coding platforms). Scoring highest doesn't automatically qualify you for the next round. During the evaluation we also consider your code flow and approach.
What is the structure for Technical Interview?
Based on your performance in the above two assessments, we will shortlist you for the interview round. The timelines and other details will be communicated to the shortlisted candidates. Impress the interviewer and show them that you're the right person for the job!
Interview duration will vary from 45 minutes to 90 minutes based on how the interview progresses.
πŸ’‘ Pro Tip: For this round ensure you clearly explain your thought process to the interviewer. Instead of just sharing your answers engage with the interviewer to help him understand how you arrived at it. Interview questions can touch upon - Programming, OOPs, Data Structures and DBMS.
Any tips for prospective students?

Our process is aligned to focus on logical clarity, data structures and OOPs.

Here are some subjects you should definitely brush up on before our tests:

  • Programming (language of your choice)
  • OOPs
  • Data Structures
  • Operating Systems
  • Networking
  • DBMS

If you have worked on interesting projects then it is a definite plus during the Technical Interview.

What is our philosophy for plagiarism during the coding test?

We take plagiarism very seriously on our side. Apart from automated bot checks we also do selective manual checks to ensure we don’t disqualify deserving students. We generally disqualify selective students in case of plagiarism. If we find the threshold of cases beyond our internal benchmark we don’t hesitate to disqualify the entire college.

At the end of the day – we consider it to be a collective responsibility of the students and the college to ensure the tests are conducted fairly.

It is better to make a submission which is original and score around 60 than it is to use a plagiarized solution. (from a friend or from other online coding platforms)

Scoring highest doesn't automatically qualify you for the next round. During the evaluation we also consider your code flow and approach.

What would my role be when recruited as an Associate Product Engineer?

Our Associate Product Engineer role is that of a full-stack developer. This entails a good level of exposure to frontend, database, backend and background services.

Do you have a training programme for campus hires?

For campus hires we have an intensive 4-months training bootcamp. During this period you will be exposed to various technologies that are part of the DeltaX platform and also work on live modules. At the same time, you will be paired with a mentor to work closely with you and guide you in your journey.

War Stories, Challenging Problems, Innovative Solutions, Smart Hacks
– all in a day’s work!
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