• Continually scale and extract more value from your Search Marketing

    ✓ Intuitive interface to manage campaigns across Google and Bing
    ✓ Online & offline goal based bidding using proven statistical models
    ✓ Minimize junk and non-performing traffic
    ✓ Integration with in-house and 3rd party applications
    ✓ Dynamic Ads and campaign actions based on feeds

  • Right Audience, Right Message, Right Time, ROI driven - Facebook Ads!

    ✓ Bulk Ad builder to create thousands of ads at once
    ✓ Reusable creative & targeting libraries
    ✓ Advanced scheduling, tracking and tagging options
    ✓ Dynamic Ads and campaign actions based on feeds
    ✓ CRM sync for direct marketing campaigns
    ✓ Optimize towards Cost-Per-Action goals

  • Pinpoint targeting technology coupled with massive media reach

    ✓ Access to billions of impressions across Display, Video, Mobile
    ✓ Remarket to your site audience with Dynamic Creative
    ✓ Contextual, Demographic and Audience Look-alike targeting
    ✓ Recent Search and Interest based retargeting
    ✓ Target/ Exclude specific Site Categories, Sites and Pages

  • Power & Flexibility of Enterprise Software; Pricing & Ease of SAAS Solutions

    ✓ Agency branded UI with intuitive work flow & automation
    ✓ Dashboards to keep you on top of client goals, spend and forecast
    ✓ Higher ROAS for clients through algorithmic optimization
    ✓ Integration with other in-house, client and 3rd party systems
    ✓ Superior access management for employees and contractors

  • "One Platform" for digital advertising that delivers increased ROI and scale

    ✓ Unified tracking, attribution and reporting across channels
    ✓ Cross-channel and in-channel optimization
    ✓ Integration with proprietary and 3rd party solutions

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    DeltaX Search

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    DeltaX Social

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    DeltaX Infinity

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    for Agencies

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    Advertising Cloud

Real-time optimization of Search, Social & Display campaigns to give you unprecedented ROI & Scale

  • iconIncrease Profitability

    Start offering performance-based digital advertising to your clients and add another revenue stream to your business. Optimize campaigns using the latest, most innovative methods with our robust platform.

  • iconPowerful Automation

    Faster, more effective workflow, reporting and optimization so you can make better data driven decisions. Scale and Build comprehensive and manageable campaigns in a fraction of the time.

  • icon 24 X 7 support

    Hassle free on-boarding process. Dedicated support team to get you started into DeltaX with help in Ad operations and Training in all aspects of campaign management and optimization.

  • icon The Advertising Cloud

    Continuously evolving to keep up with innovations in digital marketing. We believe in user-led approach to product development with emphasis on performance improving features at scale.

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